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Certified Training in Rhinoceros Level 1

Rhino level 1

(Real-Time Online or In-Person)

This is an Authorized One to One Training of Level 1 in essential skills with examples from various design disciplines.

Official Rhino Certificate of Completion from McNeel Asia will be issued to students who have successfully completed the course.

Suitable for students from any design discipline. 

Level 1 Syllabus Highlight

Introduction to Rhinoceros

  • What is RHINO

  • Object Types

  • The RHINO for Window Interface


Creating and Editing Geometry 

  • Creating Geometry

  • Precision Modeling

  • Editing Geometry

  • Point Editing


3-D Modeling and Editing


  • Creating Deformable Shapes

  • Modeling with Solids

  • Creating Surfaces

  • Importing and Exporting

  • Rendering

  • Annotating Model

  • Printing and Layouts

  • Transforming Solids

On completion of Level 1, students should be able to:

  1. Utilize the RHINO modeling software with a degree of autonomy.

  2. Produce free form or precision modeling.

  3. Create and edit curves, surfaces and solids with edit commands, point editing and Gumball.

  4. Correct use of modeling aids for accuracy.

  5. Understand Polysurfaces and Nurbs surfaces.

  6. Analyze the model.

  7. Ability to produce simple renderings of the RHINO models.

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