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Parametric Modeling in Grasshopper  


(Real-Time Online or In-Person) 

Parametric modelling, as a means to design and explore complexity in design has become an essential tool in contemporary design practices. Nevertheless, due to its relative young age, there are still many practicing design professionals who have not had the opportunity to receive formal training on this technique.

This program, building on our foundational Certified Training for Rhinoceros Level 1 and 2 short courses, will be an intermediate level training to provide the comprehensive knowledge and technique required for parametric modeling. 

Programme Objectives

This programme aims to introduce the fundamental concepts and essential skill-building workflows for students to effectively use Grasshopper in Rhinoceros to generate algorithmic 3D model for parametric design.

Programme Intended Learning Outcomes​

On completion of the programme, students should be able to

  • Interpret the fundamental concepts and theoretical knowledge of parametric modelling;

  •  Summarize the workflow of Grasshopper in Rhinoceros;

  • Explain the fundamentals of data matching in Grasshopper;

  • Organize, manipulate and manage complex data in Grasshopper;

  • Troubleshoot and resolve problems in the process of parametric modelling with autonomy;

  • Produce complex parametric models.

  • Be introduced with Kagaroo Physics Engine for Form finding.

  • Be introduced with Interpobility with Grasshopper and BIM (Revit)

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